Values, competitive advantages and clients

Values and competitive advantages

  • Professionalism: Our expertise is the best guarantee of success of the projects that you commission us with.
  • Integrity: Our main principles are 100% loyalty to our clients and strictly confidential treatment of information that we receive from them.
  • Respect: We respect corporate culture of our clients and specifics of their business organization.
  • Objectivity: Since we are a fully independent firm, the views that we offer are absolutely unbiased.
  • Result Orientated: The success of your project is our main goal. The major portion of our fees is paid only if we achieve it.
  • Flexibility and Custom-Oriented Approach: The structure and size of our firm allow us to tailor our services to individual needs of each client.

Our clients

Considering the history of Russian capitalism and the level of economic maturity, we believe we will see a very high demand for corporate finance services in the next 10 to 15 years.

While with the arrival of major global players in Russia and the consolidation of major Russian investment banks the market of the services for large clients suggests the beginning of a period of saturation, medium and small businesses still very often have trouble finding someone who is willing and able to help them solve their strategic and financial objectives.

The rapid economic growth and the development of new sectors will inevitably lead to market consolidation while players are trying to gain critical mass and additional competitive advantages.

Medium-sized companies will become a platform for industrial and inter-regional consolidation in the coming years.

Our primarily clients are companies with revenue from US $10 to $300 million and business value of $5 to $200 million.