Mergers and acquisitions - one of the most common ways of development, resorted to by now, most companies.

Acquisitions and disposals

Often, business owners have a choice: continue to develop their business or sell it to another investor.

Private placements

Peregrine Capital has numerous working contacts with Russian and foreign funds and management companies.

Debt financing

Peregrine Capital has extensive experience working with Russian and foreign commercial banks providing debt financing.


With the economic essence of LBO-funded buyout object changes the structure of the source of funds, replacing the relatively expensive equity borrowings.

Management and strategic consulting

Before deciding on a merger with a competitor, selling or buying a business, shareholders need to analyze all possible strategic prospects.

Partnerships and strategic alliances

In some sectors of the economy Peregrine Capital has acquired in recent years not only industry knowledge, but a deep understanding of market players and their strategies.