Debt financing

Peregrine Capital has extensive experience of working with Russian and Western commercial banks that offer debt financing.

Developing a solely self-funded business is not economically justified, since you have to reach and keep a certain growth rate while at the same time providing stockholders with the required return on invested capital.

Besides providing the resources to meet the current and long-term business needs, debt financing enables you to maximize growth opportunities existing on the market.

Peregrine Capital offers the following debt raising services:

  • Analyze the client development/project strategy and current financial standing to determine the best financing options
  • Assist in preparing the documentation required by banks and other financial institutions
  • Negotiate the best possible terms and conditions of lending

Our considerable experience in this area and the extensive, continuously growing connections among financial investors and banks guarantee our clients a successful and relatively fast access to debt financing to implement either certain projects or a chosen business development strategy.