DealMakers 2013 End of Year Annual Award


DealMakers 2013 End of Year Annual AwardThe DealMakers 2013 End of Year Annual Awards celebrates the leading, most prolific firms, that have continually displayed a high degree of quality, tenacity and ability to punch above their weight within their area of specialization.

You will be familiar with the DealMakers Global Awards, Country Awards and Law Awards campaigns, however, via the DealMakers 2013 End of Year Annual Awards we are able to showcase to our unrivalled readership those firms who are truly the most competent across all areas of Private Equity, Banking and Finance, Law and all those who continue to provide assistance to the clients they retain, within such areas as Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Providers of Alternative Finance and of course, areas of the Due Diligence community, consisting of Environmental, Commercial and Risk & Insurance to name but a few.

I am pleased to announce your firm as a winner in the DealMakers 2013 End of Year Annual Awards campaign.

Over the last year we have assessed internally via our esteemed panel of judges, and across our entire readership those firms that are of note and that truly deserve to be crowned a DealMakers 2013 End of Year Annual Awards winner.

During the judging process many factors are considered, such as client retention, speed of response and assistance and ability to navigate complex situations, whilst ensuring that the client is not concerned or unsure of what the outcome will be, regardless of the scale of the matter in question.

We feel it is imperative that all firms in receipt of a DealMakers 2013 End of Year Annual Award are made aware of the level of prestige that such an accolade provides, thus ensuring the DealMakers 2013 End of Year Annual Awards are the penultimate of all awards campaigns.